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Acorn Stairlifts Nationwide Sales

Acorn Stairlifts has a worry-free solution
that has helped hundreds of thousands of people
enjoy all levels of their home!


Acorn understands the difficulties that reduced mobility can bring and has created safe, comfortable, and reliable solutions for difficulty using the stairs. Solutions that have helped hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers worldwide regain independence and freedom of their home. Thank you for visiting this website and may the information you obtain be helpful to you and your family.

Acorn Lifts are Purchased by More Customers Throughout the World

Than the Rest of the Entire Industry Combined

Choose an Acorn Stair Lift and you are choosing the very best in stairlift design, engineering and customer service. You'll be delighted to discover how easy an Acorn Lift is to use and operate. Whatever type of staircase you have in your home, Acorn Stair Lifts can provide the perfect solution with unrivaled service and support. Acorn Stair Lifts Sales is just a phone call away. 

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The Best in Stairlift Technology


Acorn is a world-class leader and manufacturer offering Stair Lifts customers the best in stairlift technology and engineering. An Acorn Stairlift is built to run durably for years and, because of their maintenance-free operation, standard safety features and years of trouble-free use, Acorn remains at the forefront of the stairlift industry today.


Why Choose an Acorn Stairlift?


The first thing to remember is that all stair lifts are not created equal! Although there is an ever-growing demand for stairlift equipment, it is truly amazing how many outdated products are still on the market today and being installed in homes throughout the USA. This old technology is troublesome to the user. Why? Because it is unreliable!

Acorn's primary concern is safety. Acorn understands the challenges that reduced mobility can bring, and so have designed and built their own state-of-the-art stairlifts, manufactured to the highest standards and exceeding most of them. Created with the user in mind, Acorn's superior stairlifts display the very best in safety and engineering. Acorn Stair Lifts are comfortable, reliable, easy to use, and are attractively designed to fit gracefully onto almost any staircase.

Acorn Superglide Model 130 Straight Rail Stairlift

is a Personal Chair Stairlift for Straight Staircases!

Acorn Stair Lift Factory Direct Sales 800-259-0370. Acorn stair lifts also lift stair, stair lift, stair lifts, stair chair lift, stair lift chair, stairs lifts, acorn stair lift, chair lift stairs, lift for stairs, chair lift for stairs, electric stair lift, stair chair lifts and handicap stair lift, home stair lift, home stair lifts, lifts for stairs, chair lifts stairs, disabled stair lifts, mobility stair lift and chair lifts for stairs.
The Acorn Superglide Model 130 Straight Rail Stairlift - a market leader - is a personal straight chair stairlift designed for straight staircases. The Acorn Superglide Model 130 Straight Rail Stairlift represents a major step forward in comfort and reliability in the technology of stair lifts. The Superglide is a truly class leading product offering a wide range of options and accessories.

Standard ACORN Superglide Stair Lift Model 120 Features:


  • Positive rack & pinion drive- this provides a quiet, smooth ride.
  • Soft start/stop operation- no jarring at the top or bottom of your stairs
  • DC powered- it is smooth and near silent in operation - and will continue to work, in the event of a power failure by means of the internal maintenance free batteries. The Acorn Stairlift is charged when not in use, and plugs into a standard wall outlet.
  • Acorn lifts have an internal overspeed governor (OSG) as standard equipment- ACORN believes that it is irresponsible to supply an stair lift resident a stairlift without this vital safety equipment. This feature immediately stops the unit in the unlikely event of an overspeed descent.
  • Has comprehensive self-diagnostic system- Acorn lifts are equipped with smart technology that recognizes and identifies faults and displays a fault code showing the stair lift status.
  • No expensive wiring necessary- no need for expensive and disruptive alteration to your home power supply, or for a certified electrician to hook up main power. The unit is plugged into a standard wall outlet!
  • 2 Infrared remote controls- no complicated wiring for the lift call stations. You can call the lift to the top or bottom landing. An excellent feature if there is more than one user in the home!
  • Swivel seat with locking catch- ensures easy mounting and dismounting from the stair lift. The lift will not operate unless the seat is in the correct riding position.
  • Seat Belts- Seatbelts are standard on all Acorn Stair Lifts. They are retractable, and have a standard release that makes putting it on and taking it off simple!
  • Folding Seat & Footrest- the stairs remain available for use by others, as the seat, arms and footrest fold easily away when not in use.
  • 294 lb weight capacity (350 lb available)
  • Pressure sensitive safety surfaces- these features prevent the lift from colliding with any obstruction on the stairway. These are located around the footrest, and on the top and bottom of the carriage. The limit sensors also ensure that stair lifts always stops in the correct position.

Acorn Model 180 Curved Rail Stairlift

is a Unique Solution for Curved Staircases!

For more complex staircases, the Acorn Curved Stairlifts provide the ultimate in versatility, designed specifically for stairways with bends.

These lifts come with all the comfort and safety features that you'd expect from Acorn, and due to its revolutionary modular design, you don't have to wait to be able to use your stairs safely again. The Acorn Curved Stairlift is assembled quickly from stock components, enabling faster delivery and installation.

Acorn Curved Stair Lifts - Overview

Excellence in engineering assures the Acorn Curved Rail Stair Lift provides a perfectly comfortable ride every time. It features a continuous slim, stylish profile and attractively finished rail on either the inner or outer curvature of your staircase. With a wrap-around feature at the bottom of your stairs and unique parking ability, the Acorn Curved Stair Lift can tuck cleanly out of the way allowing others to use the staircase normally. The Acorn Curved Stair Lift even has the ability to travel down a hallway, allowing a shorter transfer distance between the stair lift and your bedroom or restrooms.

With a built-in soft start and stop facility, Acorn 80 Curved Stair Lifts gives you a smooth comfortable ride every time, and you can be sure that your stairlift is always ready for use, even in the event of a power failure, thanks to the integral rechargeable battery pack.

The footrest is extremely close to the ground floor level; also it ends level with the top stair nose, giving easy access to the landing.

The lift is operated using a paddle switch located on the armrest. Radio frequency remotes are provided to allow the lift to be remotely called. The unique self-leveling transport system moves the stairlift carriage along the low profile rail and automatically adjusts the speed and level of the seat when moving round corners, providing an exceptionally comfortable ride. The stairlift's electronic programming ensures optimum performance at all times.

At Acorn safety is not an option. All of our stairlifts come standard with everything included to ensure the user a safe and comfortable ride. Years of research have gone into making the Acorn Stairlift one of the safest stair lifts available today, offering you total peace of mind.

Can also be fitted with an optional powered hinged rail which folds up and out of the way automatically as the stairlift travels up and down the staircase, allowing greater access at the foot of the stairs. This option of a hinged rail is ideal when there may be a doorway near the foot of the stairs. When the stairlift is not is use, the rail is neatly out of the way and causes no obstruction.

Falling Down Stairs is the Leading Cause
of Injury and Death in the Home

A fall on the stair case can be the major cause of accidents or fatality in the home. Often risks of major or fatal injury to a stairs user can be caused by illness or a medical condition, which have an effect on the mobility of walking or climbing stairs. Any medical disorder may affect muscle tone, strength or gait. A residential home battery operated electric powered Acorn Stair Lift is a superb solution for safety with peace of mind, pride of maintaining home ownership, the joy of ease of use of a stair lift for ascending and descending stairs with the ultimate benefit of freedom and independence to utilize the full use of the home you love.

Because Acorn Stairlifts are manufactured at its own site,
the quality of every stairlift can be guaranteed.

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